1. New Year’s Resolution - GET A JOB!

    I’ve been having a fantastic break, really, it’s been great. I’ve worked a little bit and made some money, I’ve been hanging out with my friends and spending time with my family. However, the holidays are over, and although break will continue a couple more weeks, it’s time to get down to business. I need a job.

    Graduation is in 4 months & 14 days…that is not alot, and my New Year’s resolution is to graduate with a job. So let the actual, real, job searching & applying begin.

    I’m like 30% excited to do this:Stoked


    And 70% FREAKING OUT:Justin



    But it’s going to be okay, ( I keep telling myself, ) because I’ve been working on my resume and getting feedback from past bosses and the YCP Spartan Career Center, they have been so helpful. And as soon as they approve my resume it will get posted on the Career Center’s site and I WILL GET A JOB. SOMEHOW. Because it HAS to happen. I am determined.

    What’s rough is all this great feedback I’m getting about my resume, is often conflicting. So do I follow the Career Center’s advice or my previous bosses? Or have several different copies of my resume? Or have several dozen different copies of my resume? It’s a little confusing. I need to figure it out.

    Wish me luck.

  2. eddiekraft:

what I find myself doing more and more. I’m “studying” so much my parents would be so proud!


    what I find myself doing more and more. I’m “studying” so much my parents would be so proud!

  3. Tips for Fighting Procrastination

    It’s that time of the semester when 3 month’s worth of procrastination catches up to a lot of students, and panic sets it. We were all excited to go on Thanksgiving break and enjoy some time off, but then we come back to campus and *surprise* we have a week & a half of classes left! Then finals! Johnny Depp panics



    There are group presentations, essays, the last exams of the classes, for some people, these assignments can make or break their grade. But even for those who have done well during the semester, these grades are still important. 


    Unfortunately, a little bit of procrastination can creep in, even when everyone knows how much work they have to do and due dates are coming very quickly. This is especially true for seniors and December graduates. 

    So I’ve been looking up ways to fight procrastination, ironically enough, I’m writing this post instead of working on my ethics essay. So rule number one is…

    1. Don’t procrastinate by blogging on Tumblr about not procrastinating.



    2. Turn your music off.

    You might think that your background music is helping you focus, and you may be correct, but try putting classical music on, or playing around with this free White Noise App: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/white-noise/eliebigndoeiljgegombjpjdacmnpggjve 


    3. Break a large project into smaller tasks.

    Usually, it’s the larger projects that I procrastinate the most on. So breaking it up into smaller, more manageable pieces makes the project seem less daunting. And if you are doing this a decent amount of time before the assignment is actually do, set due dates for yourself for each small task. 


    4. Do the “worst” thing first.

    This assignment is the “worst” because it’s large or super important or both. So try and tackle it first thing in the morning if you can or right after a power nap so you’re feeling alert & fresh. Plus, finishing the worst project first will make you feel fantastic.


    5. Set a time for yourself & reward yourself.

    You have to be realistic. Working at 100% capacity for three straight hours is either impossible or not going to end well. So allow yourself a 5 minute break to do whatever you want for every 30 minutes of work. 


    and 6. Just bite the bullet and get started on your work.

    This is probably the most obvious, yet most difficult task. Just get over it and get started. …I hate this step. 


    Happy finals everyone! 

    Good Luck!




  4. iworkinpr:

Feeling confident about the first draft of a release and seeing all the tracked changes after being reviewed 


    Feeling confident about the first draft of a release and seeing all the tracked changes after being reviewed 

  5. Snack-hacks every college kid should know: http://www.buzzfeed.com/tlo27/simple-college-snack-hacks-you-should-know
***Saw this on BuzzFeed today, really wish I had known about these ideas sooner, especially when I lived in the dorms.

    Snack-hacks every college kid should know: http://www.buzzfeed.com/tlo27/simple-college-snack-hacks-you-should-know

    ***Saw this on BuzzFeed today, really wish I had known about these ideas sooner, especially when I lived in the dorms.

  6. Spartapalooza 2013

    Spartapalooza was a lot of fun this year! My friends and I went to watch the Cardboard Boat Regatta and the volleyball tournament. Our friend Lauren V. ended up winning the Cardboard Boat Regatta on behalf of team Bookstore, so that was fun to watch. All of the boats were pretty impressive, they all lasted at least one round before a couple started to sink like rocks. There were three judges who gave out honorary awards such as “Titanic” & “Most Spirited,” and one of those judges was our fantastic new president, Dr. GS. 


    The screamer made and appearance as well. He was actually pretty funny, chasing people around the gym and sitting down randomly next to people or dancing around.

    (The screamer and my friend, Shelby.)

    Another big part of the night is the volleyball tournament. A lot of organizations put teams together and signed up; sororities, fraternities, student senate, IT, etc.

    One of my clubs, PRSSA, had a team too, so I was there to cheer them on. They won the first game but ended up losing by one point to ZBT in the second game, but they all played great. 

    (Our PRSSA volleyball team: Sean P., Jeff S., Eddie K., Michelle K., Sean A., Becca C., Jamie B. & Kristin S.)

    Spartapalooza also had free food and drinks, an inflatable bouncy house, a ton of games to play, free t-shirts and raffles and face painting. 

    (My friend, Amy L., and her lovely cat face, courtesy of the face painters.)

    All in all, it was a great night and I think everyone had a lot of fun.The special events class that planned this entire thing did a fantastic job, and all the volunteers and participants made it a blast!

  7. Intramural Sports

    My friends and I went to our friend Ashley’s intramural basketball game last night. Usually people just enjoy themselves in the games when the season starts out, but once playoffs come around, people get intense. This game was the semifinals and my friend’s team lost, but I could tell both teams were seriously getting into it.
    YCP offers a ton of intramural sports and a lot of people make teams and sign up for it. It’s a great way to keep playing a sport you like with your friends without sacrificing a lot of time. 

    (Once playoffs begin, games can draw quite a crowd.)


  8. 2013-2014 Cultural Series

    York has this series of events on campus every year called the Cultural Series. The main purpose of the series is to entertain and educate students, staff and the community. All kinds of events are involved too, it seems like they do it to provide a little something for everyone.

    The series involves musical performances, art discussions and exhibits, guest speakers about all sorts of topics, theater productions and films.
    A lot of professors make it a part of their curriculum by requiring students to attend one or two events in the series, and then writing up a page long response to it. My philosophy & ethics professor does this in his classes, which is why I attended a film this past week titled “Alma.” The film was a part of the Environmental Science and Sustainability section of the cultural series. I should have known it was not going to be any old boring film. 

    I like to be as open as possible when it comes to film, music and art. I’m not very experienced when it comes to those things, so I try not to judge when I come across something I am not familiar with.

    So when I heard from my Ethics professor that this movie was what is called a “tone poem,” meaning there are no narration or words whatsoever, I was hesitant. It’s simply a compilation of video clips meant to strike some sort of emotion or message into audience members.
    At first, I immediately regretted my decision to attend this film. No words or speaking?! What if I fall asleep? I’m going to be that chick who fell asleep during a passionate, artsy movie about the environment…she must such a horrible person!

    I didn’t fall asleep though, it was actually pretty interesting. The film was mainly about cattle: how their handling contributes to greenhouse gas emissions & how mistreated they actually are. It actually also touched on rain forests being cut down as well. All in all, I’d say the film got some pretty strong messages across.

    The semester is almost over so there are only a few events left, but on the website it already shows some pretty cool things happening next semester so even if I’m not required to attend any events, I’ll probably still check some out.

    2013-2014 Cultural Series: http://www.ycp.edu/offices-and-services/advancement/communications/cultural-series/

    (Nolen Strals and Bruce Willen of the Baltimore design studio Post Typography will be discussing their artistic hits & misses 6:30 p.m., Dec. 3 in DeMeester Recital Hall.)

    (Students from the York College Division of Music and the York College Prep Community Music School will present a recital of Spanish music Dec. 10 at 7 p.m.)

    (“A Christmas Carol” is being performed at Waldner Performing Arts Center Dec. 4-6 at 1 p.m.)

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